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Midnight Man


Falling from Big Ben whilst being chased by a possessed horse from the American Civil War, the time-travelling vigilante Midnight Man has had stranger days.

Can he foil the plans of a malevolent time-spanning cabal, and save humanity in the process?

He might be out of luck, he's possibly out of time, and he's definitely out of his mind.

Get ready for some TEMPORAL. BULLET. ACTION.

Courtesy of Midnight Man.

You're welcome.

A complete 44 page (black & white with full colour covers) graphic novel from writer Mo Ali (Dreamcatcher) and artist Andy Bloor (The Wolfmen)


Selected praise for Midnight Man:

“In MIDNIGHT MAN writer Mo Ali and artist Andy Bloor bring you a brilliantly crafted, wonderfully realised, high-energy romp through time and space. No need to call The Doctor, this is no glitch in the Matrix; the clock is ticking! Cometh the hour, cometh the MIDNIGHT MAN.”

John Reppion
co-author of Sherlock Holmes - The Liverpool Demon, and The Complete Dracula

“Midnight Man is the sort of book whose ready-to-burst energy has you rooting around for appropriately manically demented phrases to capture some of its charm. Find time for this.”

Kieron Gillen
The Wicked + The Divine, Uncanny X-Men, Phonogram

“A visceral comics kick with a killer design at its core and pithy dialogue to spare.”

Rob Williams
Martian Manhunter, The Royals, 2000AD, Cla$$War

“Midnight Man features moody dynamic art with a non stop story and bizarre twists that will leave you breathless!.”

John McCrea
Mythic, All Star Section 8, Hitman, Dicks