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Midnight Man Limited Edition Sketchpack


Convention special, limited edition sketchpacks. Only 8 available!

Packs contain:

• Midnight Man
• Midnight Man: Gunspace
• A5 mini print by John McCrea & Dee Cunniffe
• Badge
• Original sketch of Midnight Man - each pack has a different sketch

Selected praise for Midnight Man:

“A cosmic trip like no other, from Big Ben to Bad Boulders, this one's got it all!”
John McCrea, Mythic, All Star Section 8, Hitman, Dicks

“MIDNIGHT MAN: GUNSPACE achieves the impossible in delivering even more artful, anarchic, anachronistic, action than part one. A uniquely British time-travelling superhero tale with mind-blowing visuals and a script that will have you laughing out loud.”
John Reppion, co-author of Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 1 & 2, Sherlock Holmes - The Liverpool Demon, and The Complete Dracula

Lexi Alexander, Academy Award nominated filmmaker, Punisher War Zone, Supergirl, Arrow